About Us

Pracly is a startup expert network that connects you, the start-up founder, with the indepth knowledge and experience of an expert in the field that is relevant for your growth.

At the heart of Pracly are short 30-45 min calls, which are power packed with great advice and relevant conversations on the topic that is troubling you. If you don't have a particular skill-set within your team, these short calls are ideal for you to move in the right direction.

But don't be fooled by the small duration of these calls. Founders have been saved from months of effort in the wrong direction after placing a 45 min call with the right expert.

Some startups have found direction where they had none. And these calls have been instrumental in their following days, as they grew their business to a new scale.

Pre-cursor to each call, is a detailed problem statement that founders share with the expert, along with the context of the startup and the problem. The experts prepare at their end, and what follows is a power packed conversation on just the advice and direction, needed by the founder to get the most out of this interaction.

99% of our users are so happy with the quality of advice, that they always recommend or share or place follow-on calls with mentors/experts in other fields.

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We are not a bloated out consulting company. We are an on the move, agile startup, focused on helping other startups on the way. With our small army of experts, we have helped 100+ startups in situations when they were stuck with problems that their team could not solve inhouse.
We provide a unique platform when it comes to advice on startups.

100s of experts come on-board to help up and coming startups once a week and all for good karma. Why are we doing this ? Because we believe, there is an inherent need in people to help one another. In today's world, its hard to believe that someone would want to help you without caring for what they get in return. But we're proving it wrong. Over and over, experts do it, for the joy they get in helping others grow.