Anshulika Dubey

Anshulika Dubey

Co-founder, Strategy


I am the co-founder of, the pioneering online crowdfunding platform of India. Having raised Rs. 3 crores from 8,000 people for 600 projects since our start in 2012, we have held the position of being the most successful crowdfunding platform in India.

I am an ex-Mckinsey analyst and during my 4-year stint at the Firm, I worked for various consulting projects in the global social sector and philanthropy space. I also authored a confidential Mckinsey report on crowdfunding, by the end of which, the crowdfunding bug had bit me and I went on to start crowdfunding in India.

I can help you with:
Crowdfunding - I can give you the What, Why and most importantly HOW of crowdfunding!
Having helped 600 projects raise funds on Wishberry, I can give in-depth guidance on how to go about crowdfunding, choosing the right platform, advantages of crowdfunding etc. Apart from money, crowdfunding helps gauge traction and build validation, which is very important to jumpstart a venture and attract big strategic investors.
It is very important to understand this concept before diving into it, because it is not simple to convince the crowd. More importantly, it's about targeted marketing rather than going all out asking everyone for funds, and people need to know the tips and tricks to do so, to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.




Advice for contacting Anshulika Dubey: Contact them with the background of your startup and clear problem statement. They are more likely to respond.