Apoorva Ruparel

Apoorva Ruparel

Founder & Partner

at EnvoyLabs Consulting LLP

More than 14 years in the Networking and Telecommunication industry with 2 successful start ups in mobility and clean technology space. Sales has always been my passion. Relationships have been a necessity for me. There is always more to learn. Technology is my Life. Knowledge is scarce because am always hungry for more. Marketing brings out the creativity.Creativity is all about MEANING. I love to think out of the box. Strategy decides the path. Whether its business or your own life. I am a risk taker. I have always believed and tried to practice what i preach, A Leader of a team is to create more leaders and a Manager is designated so, to produce more Managers. Taking responsibility is great but to be accountable for that responsibility makes it a complete process. Specialties: Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Building a business from scratch and achieve scale, creating disruption in market place



Business Consulting and Advisory

Advice for contacting Apoorva Ruparel : Contact them with the background of your startup and clear problem statement. They are more likely to respond.