Arvind Subramaniam

Arvind Subramaniam

Head - Client Engagement & Key Accounts

at Unifying Logics

Over 6+ years experience working on the World Wide Web helping deliver quality Web projects, Cloud services, Social Media Services and E commerce portals.

Proven record of assisting clients to enable the Web to become a competitive advantage for the Business by aligning it with Marketing Strategy.

Excellent knowledge and experience in Brand Conceptualization , Visualizing and Marketing Communications.

Team builder with experience in managing creative teams of 5+ members.

Performed a Variety of roles in Project Management, Delivery and Sales

Statement of Purpose: To help people and corporations establish a presence on Internet and to better market their services and products.

Career Objectives:

  1. To emerge as a thought leader in the Internet arena

  2. To build teams who will set forth and accomplish the gargantuan tasks of shrinking the world through WWW

  3. To deliver quality service Web enabled Services World Wide.


Sales & Business Development, Project Management, Marketing communications,Branding and Conceptualization.
Aligning marketing Strategy with the Web

Advice for contacting Arvind Subramaniam: Contact them with the background of your startup and clear problem statement. They are more likely to respond.