Aurovrata Aurele Venet

Aurovrata Aurele Venet


at Syllogic

I head the Analytics and Creative Strategy department at Syllogic, a consultancy firm offering Business Intelligence and Sustainable Business practice services to SMEs.
In my various professional roles, over a span of more than a decade I have developed a strong instinct for observing patterns and solving problems in big data analytics. I have a PhD in astrophysics from Imperial College, London and worked as an analyst in an investment bank, developing tools for the planetary missions of the Europe Space Agency. Before incorporating Syllogic, I headed the performance team in Renault- Nissan.

I can help you with:

  1. Wordpress: We leverage the best content management system in the world to communicate with clarity and objectiveness to solve a variety of problems.We have also built a number of sites on Wordpress.
  2. Business Intelligence: Analysis of data and modelling of performance indicators
  3. Financial planning and product costing: I use open source software for big-data reporting
  4. Problem Solving & Strategy: Intelligence at the service of the Enterprise. Creative strategy plays a big role in differentiating your business in a competitive market



Management Consulting

Advice for contacting Aurovrata Aurele Venet: Contact them with the background of your startup and clear problem statement. They are more likely to respond.