Rajiv Mukherjee

Rajiv Mukherjee


at First100sales

I consult, invest & sweat with an entrepreneur when there is an outstanding fit with the start-up

I love building products for consumers and small businesses that are simple to use, yet very powerful. I believe in “Less is more”. I do not believe any product needs to be complex. Businesses don’t use products, humans do. And humans inherently don’t like to use complex things.

How do I help companies succeed?

I help companies build products that solve “real” customer needs using insights generated via a “customer centric” product management process. I have personally conducted more than 300 on-site customer visits, where I spent time doing a deep dive into the user’s life observing them using my product or competitive products, listening to them and then creating products to solve their problems.

I also help companies on Product positioning, Messaging, GTM planning & Marketing plan implementation to nurture leads, close sales & improve retention



Professional Training & Coaching

Advice for contacting Rajiv Mukherjee: Contact them with the background of your startup and clear problem statement. They are more likely to respond.