Sameer Guglani

Sameer Guglani


at The Morpheus

Partner at morpheus venture partners & Serial entrepreneur with experience of more than 10 years and 5 startups. Currently focusing on working with startup teams to provide advise, mentorship, guidance, access to the right network, opportunity to meeting relevant people, help in team strategy, product strategy, launch strategy, fund raising strategy etc.

Entrepreneur with expertise and interest in Consumer Products & Services, Media & Entertainment and Mobile Industry. Completed one cycle of entrepreneurship; started a venture (madhouse media), raised money and culminated with acquisition by

In 2014 Sameer exited the mainstream startup scene to focus full time on personal development and to continue his inner journey to experience & know the deeper truths of life. His current view on businesses & startups, arising out of the new understanding, is strongly titled towards building of "conscious business or selfless business", where there is no personal ambition or goal (financial or otherwise) that is driving the founders but an understanding thats deeper & way more exapanded.

Specialities: startup mentoring and advice, building products that people want, building companies, strategy, negotiations, mobile technologies.



Venture Capital & Private Equity

Advice for contacting Sameer Guglani: Contact them with the background of your startup and clear problem statement. They are more likely to respond.