Sarvjeet Ahuja

Sarvjeet Ahuja

General Partner

at The Morpheus

Techie from the core, with 16+ years of professional experience, Sarvjeet had been working on various technologies and domains throughout his career. He has led architecture and technology design of various medium and enterprise products/services spread across manufacturing, telecom, payment and HR domains. Working initially on back-end systems, Sarvjeet moved on to web-based products and services then finally created his own start up to help other start up companies. His role involves helping start ups to find the best technology solutions within the constraints of start up bootstrapping. Before that, Sarvjeet worked directly or indirectly with Microsoft, HP, PPI, Times of India and Shell.

His passions are traveling and reading online. He still has hands on and keeping his habit of writing good code and whenever he gets time, he has his eclipse and visual studio open in parallel.

Sarvjeet is a post graduate from IIT Roorkee.

Advice for contacting Sarvjeet Ahuja: Contact them with the background of your startup and clear problem statement. They are more likely to respond.