Shruti Garg

Shruti Garg

Managing Director

at CollaboratingMinds

Shruti’s journey began 14 years ago, as a part of the first wave of the BPO industry employees in India. 8 years later, her hibernating baniya genes woke up in protest and whispered discontent while stoking a germ of an idea – content. Thus Collaborating Minds was born – a specialised content creation company whose clients span across oceans and continents…

In late 2010, she increased the scope of Collaborating Minds to other aspects of content, digital marketing and and Creative designing.

Shruti’s happiest moment as an entrepreneur was when her Collaborating Minds business model became a case study for small scale entrepreneurs at IIM Kolkata and IIM Ahmedabad.



Marketing and Advertising

Advice for contacting Shruti Garg: Contact them with the background of your startup and clear problem statement. They are more likely to respond.