Suresh Sambandam

Suresh Sambandam

Founder & CEO

at Orangescape

I am the Founder and CEO of OrangeScape one of the top product companies in India. Prior to OrangeScape, I have worked in companies like Selectica and Hewlett-Packard. I understand B2B Enterprise business and B2B SMB business space well, both SaaS and license based (License based is becoming fewer by the day)

I can help you with:

  1. Validation of Positioning

  2. Review of investor Pitch Decks

  3. Introduction to Angels and/or VCs (Selective)

  4. Review of Term Sheet and Share holder agreements

  5. Help with broad valuation assessments

  6. Introductions to enterprise customers in India (Selective)



Computer Software

Advice for contacting Suresh Sambandam: Contact them with the background of your startup and clear problem statement. They are more likely to respond.