Varun Chandra

Varun Chandra


at InCights Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Vision: I am curious about Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The aim of my life is to create an Ecosystem which can create a strong bonding between innovative strength of entrepreneurs and the value-creating capabilities of venture capital and private equity partners.

Mission: I started my carrier as author, writing editorial column for various newspaper and then published policy consulting papers (at IIMA) in the area of Telecom Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In the coming years, I plan to use this skill to create awareness and bridge the gap between demand for capital (from Entrepreneur Perspective) and demand for startups that can scale (from Investors Perspective)


1. StartUp Consulting: Strategy, Fund Raising, Scaling
2. Term Sheet and Investment Negotiation
4. Use Case and Business Development
5. Blogging, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing.
6. Managing Co-Founder Conflicts



Venture Capital & Private Equity

Advice for contacting Varun Chandra: Contact them with the background of your startup and clear problem statement. They are more likely to respond.