Vikas Dhar

Vikas Dhar


at Hackaholic IT Services

Enjoying my Entrepreneurial journey , my hard earned work experience includes working in a variety of fields. I am very much passionate about designs, coding, problem solving and challenges and working with people in broad-spectrum. I find myself performing and delivering well under pressure, and enjoying an electric atmosphere!

Initially, at a young stage I started up with CanvasM ( a Joint Venture between Motorola and Tech Mahindra) , gradually got exposed to start-up culture and product development ideas on web and mobiles. Worked with a young growing startup Digital Venture Technologies and joined a multi-national company called Terra Information Group where I spent time leading product team, managing services team, performing Business Analysis, at times working with sales team i.e. wearing different hats at different times. Now decided to work on our own ideas and founded a startup called Hack'a'Holic. Being a co-founder of Hack-a-Holic, I work by putting heart and soul together. I also enjoy being a core member and working with different teams, innovative ideas of startup, building community inside PeerHack.

I enjoy every bit of the self-learning, practising and further divulging the knowledge, how that went with the job of leading the design/development team.Management skills that I elite along the way, ranges from Team handling, Training, Project Management, Execution, Sales & Marketing, Planning, Process Creation, Strategy, Innovation etc.

Post years of professional exposure, I see myself as a confident and forward-looking entrepreneur. Interestingly, the work I do mesmerises me enough to be enthusiastic about getting to my desk each morning.

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Advice for contacting Vikas Dhar: Contact them with the background of your startup and clear problem statement. They are more likely to respond.