Once a call is scheduled, you can see the call details page for a conference line number which you dial in to. Simply follow the instructions and get connected to the expert!

You pay for each call that you schedule through Pracly. Each call costs ₹ 500. If you would like to buy a package of calls at a discount, please contact us. You can also choose to engage with an expert for a longer duration.

Absolutely! In fact we have seen that after a first call with an expert, implementing what you learnt, and then doing a follow-up call adds a lot of value to startups.


  • Name: Rishab

  • Company: Example Inc

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Link to prototype/product/website/video: www.example.org

  • Problem Description: People are not signing up on the website or claiming the coupons. Spending Rs. 4000 on marketing every month, which is giving good traction; About 50- 100 unique visitors/ day but only about 10 signups happening. People are not signing up or claiming the coupons even though they are available for free. Analytics show that people come to the website, click on a coupon or two and then go away.

Expert signups are currently invite-only. If you would like to be an expert on Pracly, please contact us with a brief about yourself and any background you may have building companies or helping startups.

'Expert' is an umbrella term on Pracly that covers Mentors, Consultants or Domain Experts who are happy to help entrepreneurs by way of one on one advisory sessions.

Yes, experts and entrepreneurs join for free. Also, entrepreneurs can seek and receive advice for free via Pracly. The incentive for the expert is many-fold. One, experts build their network of entrepreneurs and find out early about the new cutting-edge startups. Second, its an opportunity for brand building and greater visibility by engaging on the platform and developing their influence. Third, it provides an expert with an opportunity to forge long term relationships with entrepreneurs. Moreover, a lot of the experts already provide advice to startups through different forums. Pracly provides them a curated platform to channel all their requests and manage them efficiently. Oh, and doesn't it just feel great when you utilise your experience and expertise to help a startup? :)

Yes. Even if you sign up as an expert, and you want to talk to other experts, you are free encouraged to do so. In fact, we've had experts call other experts over Pracly multiple times and they've found great value in it!

You only take the calls which interest you. There is no obligation except that when you do accept a call, we expect you to honour that commitment timely and professionally.

  • Increased visibility to entrepreneurs & startups
  • Personal Branding
  • Using your expertise to be a part of entrepreneurial successes
  • Access to undiscovered early stage startups